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Jefferson County

The Creation of Jefferson County, Washington Of the four counties the Oregon Territorial Legislature created on December 22nd, 1852, the westernmost was Jefferson. At the time of its creation, Jefferson County covered the northern end of the Olympic Peninsula. As

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Pacific County

Highay Sign and Map Showing Pacific County

In 1851, the Oregon Territorial Legislature created its first new county north of the Columbia River when it took the southwestern corner of Lewis County to form Pacific County, named, of course, for the Pacific Ocean that marks its western

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Lewis County

The Lewis County Highway Sign and Map showing Lewis County

Established by the Oregon Provisional Government on December 19th, 1845, Lewis County originally covered all the territory north of the Cowlitz River and west of a north-south straight line drawn roughly through the Cascade Mountains.  In other words, it took

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Clark County

The Clark County Highway Sign and Map of Washington Showing Clark County

Depending on how you define “county creation,” Clark County, Washington’s first, was created on June 27th, 1844, or perhaps August 20th, 1845, or even September 3rd, 1849.  In 1844, the Provisional Government of Oregon decreed that henceforth, all land north

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Asotin County

  The southeastern-most county in Washington State, Asotin County came into being in 1883 when the eastern portion of Garfield County was partitioned.  With an area of 636 square miles, the County is one of the smaller of Washington’s thirty-nine

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Ferry County

Prior to the creation of Ferry County, all of western Stevens County was set aside in 1872 as the Colville Indian Reservation. With the discovery of gold in British Columbia, and the influx of miners seeking to make their fortunes,

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Spokane County

  Located on the eastern edge of the state, Spokane County covers 1,764 square miles and is bordered by the State of Idaho on the East, Pend Oreille and Stevens Counties on the north, Whitman County on the South, and

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Stevens County

Washington Territory came into being in 1853, when that portion of the Oregon Country north of the Columbia River (and north of the 46th parallel, east of the Columbia) became self-governing.  The first territorial governor was Isaac Stevens who died

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Pend Oreille County

Entering Pend Oreille County

Located in the northeastern corner of the state, Pend Oreille County is Washington’s most recently created county, having come into being on March 1st, 1911, when it was split off from Stevens County which borders it on the west.  At

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