!Hello and Welcome!

A retired educator, I now spend my time camera in hand travelling the highways and byways of the world, most regularly in Montana and the Pacific Northwest as this is where I live.  Based in rural Sanders County, Montana, I love to get out and see the sights–and I love sharing what I see with others.  I hope you will enjoy my travels as much as I do.

Another thing I love is drinking tea. I’ve had tea to drink since I was five years old–starting with what Momma called “Angel Tea,” or hot tea that was mostly milk with a little sugar. I still drink hot tea with milk, but rather than white sugar, I now add a packet of Stevia to my mug. And speaking of mugs, here’s one that I had made from a photograph of one of my fuchsias in bloom. RedBubble made it for me, and they can make one for you as well, from any image on RedBubble you like. Of course, I would love it if you chose one of my images to make into a mug for your afternoon tea (or morning coffee–I don’t care what you drink).

You can order your mugs (or t-shirts, or shower curtains, or almost anything you want) from my RedBubble gallery.

Finally, I read. A lot. I mean A LOT! Let’s be honest here, I pursued and got a Ph.D. in French Literature solely because I love to read. Unfortunately, along the way I discovered that loving to read and studying literature are antithetical pursuits–at least as far as French departments expect you to study lit. I’ll never forget returning to class after a break and discussing with my classmates what we did over the break. Inevitably, I talked about the books I read. My friends couldn’t understand why I’d spend my break time reading when our loads were so heavy during term. It was simple, in my opinion. The breaks were the only time I had to read what I WANTED to read as opposed to what we had to read. That said, I’ve added my 2020 reading list to the main page. It will be updated as I pick up something new to read. And I’m reading both for fun and for education, so there are two columns.