Blogs and Bloggers I Follow

This page gives links to the Blogs and Bloggers I follow.  As I pursue my blogging career, I come across other men and women doing the same thing.  I list my own blog posts, for the most part, on my home page.  Other posts, specifically those that deal with individual counties in Washington State, are listed on my Evergreen page.

The blogs and bloggers I follow are listed below, in no particular order.  They vary in theme from travel to cooking to religion.  I have even included some on dogs.  Most feature beautiful photography.  As you can see, the subjects reflect my own interests.  And if you are interested in what I write, then I hope you will give these other authors a try.

The Blogs

  • Dan Flying Solo (Travel writing at its best with photographs from all around the world.)
  • Theo Fenraven (A great writer and photographer. Check out both his photography and his books.)
  • The 007 Gentleman Blog (A fellow Bay Area guy who has lived all around the world and takes incredibly beautiful photographs,)
  • East of Billings (As the site’s tag line says “politics, organizing, ranching and photography.)
  • Peace at Last (The explosive stories behind the Nobel Peace Prize, written by a personal friend.)
  • Beautiful Badlands ND (To learn more about western North Dakota, visit this site.)
  • Air Streaming (Inspirations and ideas for traveling and living in a Silver Bullet.)
  • Wildflower Resilience
  • Carolyn Vencil’s Live Fully, Budget Fiercely (Making money, saving money, side hustles. What’s not to like?)
  • Bernie Siegel M.D. (I think everyone should read Bernie’s book, Love, Medicine and Miracles. He also has a web site!)
  • Mortons on the Move (Living full-time in an RV.)
  • Petters Blog (A Swedish Anglican writing about his experience with the church, with the LGBT world, and other matters as come up.)
  • The Debt Free Guys™ (Great information on personal finance by two gay debt-free guys.)
  • Puppy in Training (Raising and training your puppy from someone who does it professionally.)
  • (A fellow Montanan writing about “music and Hollywood and show people and my family from my computer”
  • Amy + Jacky (Delicious tried & true Instant Pot Recipes & Pressure Cooker Recipes)
  • Your Dog Advisor (Your Dog Advisor’s mission is to be the trusted authority on dogs.)
  • Abraham Woodliff on (Bay Area native, Hip Hop nerd, literature and poetry enthusiast, freelance writer, gamer, caffeine addict.)