My 2020 Reading List

My Fun Reading

Currently Reading:

Cracked Lenses, by L.J. McIntyre

4/19/20 The Wild Gypsy of Arbor Hill, by Harvey Havel

4/14/20 The Sun God’s Heir: Return, by Elliott Baker

4/11/20 Blood on Sand, by Ofelia Gränd

4/9/20 A Frosty Mug of Murder, by Constance Barker

4/5/20 Witch is When it All Began, by Adele Abbott

4/4/20 Booking a Killer Vacation, by J.R. Ripley

4/2/20 Murphy’s Luck, by Benjamin Laskin

3/27/20 Coffee and Crime, by Kelly Hashway

3/24/20 Murder in Helvetica Bold, by C. Rysa Walker

3/22/20 French Twist, by Beth McElla

3/20/20 A Vintage Affair, by Josh Lanyon

3/19/20 Everything Solid has a Shadow, by Michael Antman

3/12/20 Death by Baguette, by Jennifer S. Alderson

3/7/20 Time to Upsize, by Graeme Aitken

3/4/20 The Hail Mary Music Festival, by Rory Allison

3/1/20 Touch of Light, by April Aasheim

2/20/20 Probable Paws, by Leighann Dobbs

2/18/20 Pink Bits, by J.B. Heller

2/16/20 Calypso and the Christmas Map, by J.P. Sorel

2/14/20 Peet and Repeat, by Karen Musser Nortman

2/12/20 The History Teacher, by Susan Bacon

2/6/20 Tea & Croakies, by Sam Cheever

2/10/20 There Are Worse Things I Could Do, by Andrienne Barbeau

2/8/20 The Great Alone, by Kristin Hannah

1/25/20 Gay Dimensions: Coming Together, by Kevin Armstrong

1/20/20 3MPH, by Polly Letofsky

My review of 3MPH

1/15/20 Firefly Junction, by London Love

1/12/20 The Cruelest Month, by Louise Perry

1/9/20 Gay Brilliance: My Boss’s Son, by Kevin Armstrong

1/6/20 Deadly Chapel, by N.C. Lewis

1/4/20 Murder on the Old Bog Road, by David Pearson

1/1/20 The Baristas’ Surprise, by Rosa Swann