Light Into Art Newsletter

Bryan D. Spellman, Photographer

Light Into Art Newsletter

Holland Lake, Montana

Light Into Art is the name I have given my photography business. What is photography, after all, but the process of turning light into art.

With this newsletter, I will introduce (or reacquaint) my readers with the works I have available on line. I will also mention special projects I am working on, and any special promotions I am offering in my shops. Expect to see me in your mailbox twice each week.

My photography interests include landscapes, classic cars, architecture and willdlife, which for me includes horses and cattle. I sell my photos in several shops, and in many formats, including paper and canvas prints, ceramic coffee mugs, clothing and household goods, even phone and tablet covers. If you see a photo you like, but have a specific format in mind, write me and I can most likely make that happen.

A photo of the Swan River at Sunset
The Swan River at Sunset

The two photos on this page show images I donated to Swan Valley Connections, an education and conservation non-profit focused on Montana’s beautiful Swan River Valley. The donations served as part of a silent auction to raise funds for the organization. The winning bidder won a 40 x 90 3-panel stretched canvas print, ready to hang.

Holland Lake went in 2022 and Swan River Sunset in 2023. You can get your own print of these photos by clicking on the photo or its caption in blue. That will take you to the listing page in my Etsy shop, The Newsletter will complement blog posts such as my Port Orford, Oregon post where I talk about a specific photo, or posts such as My Photography Sales in 2012, where I show a variety of photographs.