Thursday, March 5th, 2020

100% wool, one of two rainbow scarves I wove on the same warp. One I kept for myself. This one went to my cousin, Ron Stephens.

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

Huck Lace Placemats on the loom.

These are the placemats I use every day on my dining room table. If you’d like something similar for your table, drop me a note and we can talk.

MacRae Tartan men's scarf
MacRae Tartan men’s scarf

A gallery of work chosen from my forty-five years of sitting at the loom. Click on each individual image below to see it full screen. 


Or, to see the weaving I have shared on my deviantArt gallery, click here. I love weaving, have been doing it most of my life–starting with one of those little square metal looms where I made potholders for my mother. I got my first large floor loom, a 45″ wide Leclerc 8 harness loom, in 1977 and have been weaving on it ever since. In addition, I have a smaller portable floor loom, a large 10 harness classic Ahrens loom, a portable table loom, two inkle looms, several odd looms–triangular and hexagonal–and a couple of lap-sized rigged heddle looms I have never used.

I have done a considerable amount of weaving on commission for friends and others, including several Scottish tartan scarves I wove as premiums for KUFM’s annual fund-raisers. I targeted the listeners of Thistle and Shamrock on those pieces. I am very happy to sit down at my loom and weave something for you–a scarf, a table runner, set of placemats, or even a saddle blanket. My rates are reasonable. Just ask and we can talk about it.