My Triumph TR7 at Thompson Pass (Montana/Idaho State Line)

In 1990, my partner Gary and I were driving north on Division Street in Spokane, Washington. We had other reasons for being in Spokane, but Gary was looking for a car. Spokane is the largest “big” city to us. Gary …

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The Hood Ornament of a 1937 Plymouth

Charles Nash had brought Walter Chrysler to General Motors in 1911. Chrysler left GM and started his own company when he bought Maxwell Motors in 1925. Maxwell began operations in 1904, but by the 1920s, the company was in trouble. …

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A 1937 Nash Ambassador Badge and Grill

The Thomas B. Jeffrey Company started building cars in 1902. They had two models: the Jeffrey and the Rambler. In 1917, Charles W. Nash, who had just stepped down as head of General Motors, bought the company and renamed it …

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