Trinity United Methodist Church, Colusa, California

In 1960, when Poppa turned down Bishop Phillips’ offer to move to Ogden, Utah, he transferred his membership to the California-Nevada Conference of the Methodist Church. With his new appointment, in June, 1960, we moved to Colusa, California. Poppa’s new …

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The Long Beach Peninsula

As some of my readers know, I’m working on a coffee table book titled Evergreen: A Photographic Portrait of Washington’s Thirty-Nine Counties. I’ve put the project on hold due to present circumstances, but I can still dream, right? The coffee …

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Montana Horses Rya Tapestry

The largest rya in the world is Rudy Autio’s Montana Horses tapestry. I would like to tell how this remarkable work of art came about, as I was there. When I started working in the Dean’s Office at the University …

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315 N. Montana Street

In June, 1954, Poppa became the pastor at Mountain View Methodist Church in Butte, Montana. This was the summer before I turned five in October. The circumstances surrounding our move to Butte were sketchy at best, and in many ways …

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