Photography From the Second Week in December

Why these five photographs?

The post below focuses on my photography from the second week in December.  I offer them to you as a suggestion of things you might get for yourself or others.  My business, after all, consists of selling my photography.  I took the pictures below between December 4th and December 11th, from 2008 to 2013.  They offer a variety of scenes, and I have linked each photograph to its image in my sales gallery.  I hope you enjoy these photos, and the stories behind them.  And please, consider my work when you are looking for gifts–both for yourself and for your loved ones.

Main Hall on a December Dawn

Main Hall on the University of Montana Campus

Main Hall on a December Dawn

Walking across the University of Montana campus early on December 4th, 2008, I captured this view of Main Hall–the oldest building on campus and the home to the University Administration. The sun was just beginning to lighten the sky behind Mount Sentinal and its iconic M. I can see this photo as a greeting card or personal Christmas card. Note the lit Christmas trees on both corners of the building. If you have a Griz fan in your life, or are yourself a UM alum, this would make a wonderful framed print. Give yourself a Christmas present this year. I would consider this as a mug or even a clock, though I think the clock tower would clash with actual clock hands. I have taken many photographs on the UM campus, but haven’t loaded them to my gallery. If there’s a particular scene you’d like, just ask me.

Past its Prime

An old wooden wagon in the snow--a photograph from the second week in December
Past its Prime

More photography from the second week in December. I found this wagon by US Highway 93 in Florence, Montana. Just get out and walk around town sometime. Walk down the back streets and alley. If you keep your eyes open, you will find amazing scenes. This wagon, for instance. Although I have to admit, this was not hiding in an alley. It was right out by the highway. All I had to do was stop and shoot. I see this as a greeting card. Unless, that is, you have an old-time decor in your home. Then you might want it as a framed print to hang above the mantle. The almost monochromatic look would work well as a metal print too. Again, I have many more old-timey photographs than what I have put on Red Bubble. If you have something specific in mind, just ask.

Watch for Red Rocks–a Chance for Photography From the Second Week in December

A red rock formation near Sedona, Arizona--more photography taken in December
Watch for (Red) Rocks – 3

December 2010 found Kevin and me in Arizona. We wanted to start a business there, but we took the time for sightseeing as well. I had been to the Grand Canyon, but never to Sedona. On the third, admittedly not the second week in December, we drove north taking Arizona 179 then US 89A. We drove through Sedona and the valley just north of that city. I highly recommend this as a Sunday Drive. The scenery is from another world. I couldn’t help but think of all the highway signs saying “Watch for Rocks.” In this case, they should say “Watch for (Red) Rocks” because formations similar to the one I photographed are everywhere.

The wicked elf in me says this would be a great shower curtain. Or even a bath mat. Surely they’d never get wet. And if you are interested in my Southwest Desert photographs, I have 19 photographs currently in one Red Bubble collection.

Full Moon in December

Full Moon (Photography From the Second Week in December)
Early December Full Moon

I have no idea where I was on December 9th, 2011. But at 6 p.m. I caught the full moon above the mountains. Based on other shots in the same sequence, Kevin thinks I took this from high above Missoula’s South Hills. I’m not going to stake my reputation on that, but I do think it’s a decent shot of a December full moon. While it works as a graphic T-shirt or even an A-line dress, I personally like it as a clock, a phone case, or… How about falling asleep under the full moon on your comforter or throw blanket. Could be heaven.

Big Horn Sheep on Road

Big Horn Sheep on Road

I recently saw another photographer’s photo of a highway sign warning travelers not to feed the baboons. We don’t have signs like that in Montana. Feed all the baboons you can find. What our signs warn is that you are in bear country or that Big Horn Sheep may be on the road. As they were that second week in December 2012 when we encountered these beasts along Montana Highway 200. Personally, I think this makes a great mini-skirt. But you may prefer to hang it above the fireplace (instead ot the mounted head you’d normally put there).

That’s it for Photography From the Second Week in December

I hope you have enjoyed the photographs I chose and the stories behind them. Yes, I want to brighten your life (and your walls) with my art. Remember, the name of my website is Light Into Art. That is the definition of photography–turning light into art. In case you missed it, last Wednesday I posted about the first photography sales I made. You can still read that post and see the photographs here. Today’s post will be a recurring theme. Next Sunday we’ll look at some photographs from the third week in December. Think of it as an Advent Calendar. And please, do visit my Red Bubble Gallery.



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