St Mary Lake, Glacier National Park

St Mary Lake, Glacier National Park
St. Mary Lake, Glacier National Park

A Personal Introduction

First, a bit about how I came to take this photo of St Mary Lake, Glacier National Park.  I have had a camera in my hands most of my life.  I come by it naturally as my father was an avid amateur photographer using a Kodak rangefinder 35 mm. 

As an adult, I was visiting the camera bar at a big box store in Billings, Montana, the city where I was born way back in 1949.  The clerk, seeing my name, asked if I were related to Clarence Spellman.  I replied that Clarence was my father.  At that point, the clerk told me that Poppa was the first photographer in Yellowstone County to use color.  He knew this because he had processed all my father’s work, way back when.  As for me, I may have started out with a Brownie box, but I have moved up through Instamatics, Poppa’s rangefinder, various SLRs, and now work with a professional grade Nikon Digital Single Lens Reflex.

Sales Pitch

The photograph is available from my Etsy Shop, LightIntoArt, in a wide variety of sizes and formats.  Choose glossy photo paper prints in three sizes:  8×10, 11×14, 16×20.  Or if you prefer something larger, choose canvas prints in 16×20, 24×36, or 30×40 inches.  Finally, for a spectacular display, you can get this image in 3 panel side-by-side canvas prints at 24 x 72, 36 x 72, or 40 x 90 inches.  The video below gives you an idea of what these sizes are like in a living room, bed room or office setting.

Various Size Options

A Day in the Park

Here in Montana, we measure distance by time, not miles.  I live three hours away from Glacier National Park, practically next door by Montana standards.  My partner and I visit Glacier three to four times each year, and I always have my camera with me.  We love taking visitors through the park, and one such trip took place on July 20th, 2019.  The glaciers that give the park its name are disappearing, leaving in their wake majestic mountains, gorgeous lakes, and scenery that never stops. 

On that July day, we entered the Park at West Glacier, drove up and over Going-to-the-Sun highway, came down the east side of the Park, then drove U.S. Highway 2 along the southern edge of the Park.  All told roughly 150 miles, which took the better part of the day as heavy traffic, a 45 mile per hour speed limit, and numerous stops for photography all added up.  And that doesn’t count the six hours round trip from home to the Park and back.

Montana Weather

Another thing about Montana is that the weather is always changing.  We say that if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.  I’m sure folk in other places say the same thing.  Our July drive was a good example.  We had beautiful blue skies, with a few clouds through most of the day.  Some threatening clouds began appearing later on, and by the time we got to Two Medicine Lake, the sky was quite dramatic.  This view of the western end of St Mary Lake, shows the beautiful day we had for most of the trip. The video below gives you more views of Glacier National Park. Should you wish to have any as wall art, just leave me a comment below.