The Pistol River Scenic Area: A West Coast Wonder

The Pistol River Scenic Area, located in Curry County, Oregon, is a hidden gem along the West Coast. The area spans over 3000 acres.  It features picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean, the Pistol River, and vast sand dunes. This area is also home to various wildlife.  Deer, elk, and osprey make it an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts.

Sunset view from the Pistol River Scenic Area on Oregon's Curry County Coast
End of a Day at the Beach

If you’re looking for a unique experience along the West Coast, the Pistol River Scenic Area is worth exploring. And what better way to experience this natural wonder than at sunset on the beach?

Capturing the Sunset on the Beach

One breathtaking moment that stands out in the Pistol River Scenic Area is the sunset on the beach. The sun illuminates the sky with golden hues and casts a warm glow on the water. This creates a serene and mesmerizing scene.

I was able to capture this moment perfectly in my photograph of the sunset on the beach in the Pistol River Scenic Area. The image captures the tranquility and beauty of the area. This makes it an ideal piece for any art enthusiast or nature lover.

Let’s take a closer look at my photograph and what makes it so special.

The Composition of the Photograph

The photograph features a stunning view of the beach, with the rocks on either side. The focal point of the image is the sun setting on the horizon, casting a warm glow on the water.

The composition of the photograph is excellent, with the rule of thirds being utilized effectively. The clouds gilded by the setting sun fill the top third of the image. The sun sits centered, drawing the eye into the image. The beach sand fill the bottom third.

The Colors in the Photograph

One of the standout features of the photograph is the use of color. The golden hues of the sun and the warm glow on the water create a serene and tranquil atmosphere. This makes it easy to get lost in the beauty of the scene.

The contrast between the warm tones and the cool tones of the water and sky create a stunning visual effect. All of which creates an even more captivating photograph.

The Emotion in the Photograph

Photography is about capturing a moment in time and evoking emotions in the viewer. This photograph of the sunset on the beach does just that.

The image captures the serenity and tranquility of the Pistol River Scenic Area at sunset. The viewer feels present, experiencing the moment personally. It’s a peaceful and calming image that can transport the viewer to a different world.


My photograph of the sunset on the beach in the Pistol River Scenic Area is a stunning representation of the beauty of the West Coast. The composition, colors, and emotion captured in the image make it a standout piece of art that any nature lover or art enthusiast would be proud to display.

If you ever find yourself on the West Coast, be sure to make a stop at the Pistol River Scenic Area and experience the beauty of the area for yourself. And if you’re looking for a piece of art to capture that experience and bring it into your home, look no further than my photograph of the sunset on the beach.

The Dunes at Pistol River Scenic Area, Curry County, Oregon
The Dunes at Pistol River OR

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