Watching the Sunrise in the San Juans

The sunrise in the San Juan Islands
Sunrise in the San Juans

A Personal Introduction and a Confession

Kevin and I watched the sunrise in the San Juans on a beautiful August morning.  For several years, I worked on a coffee table book introducing Washington’s thirty-nine counties.  I drove through thirty-eight counties, camera in hand, for over ten years.  One county eluded me.  You cannot drive to San Juan County, a collection of over 700 islands in the northern reaches of Puget Sound.  No bridge connects these islands with each other or with the rest of Washington.  Unless you have a boat available, or a plane, you must take a Washington State Ferry to reach San Juan County.  And that’s just what we did on that August morning.  The confession?  Except for this introduction and the sales pitch at the end, the rest of this post was written by a piece of AI called ChatGPT.  Just thought I should own up to that.

An AI blog post

If you’re looking for a unique and breathtaking way to start your day, I highly recommend watching the sunrise from a Washington State Ferry in Rosario Strait. Located in the Puget Sound region of Washington state, this ferry ride offers stunning views of the surrounding islands, as well as the Olympic Mountains on the horizon.

The ferry departs from Anacortes, a quaint town located about an hour and a half north of Seattle. Anacortes is known for its picturesque marina and small-town charm, making it the perfect place to begin your journey.

What you’ll see from the ferry

As you board the ferry, you’ll be treated to the sight of the San Juan Islands in the distance. These islands, with their rugged coastlines and dense forests, are a sight to behold. As the ferry makes its way through the Rosario Strait, you’ll be able to see a variety of wildlife, including seals, porpoises, and even the occasional whale.

But the true highlight of the ferry ride is watching the sunrise over the Olympic Mountains. As the sun begins to peek over the horizon, it casts a warm, golden light over the water and the islands. The colors are truly breathtaking, and it’s a sight you won’t soon forget.

After the ferry ride, you can spend the day exploring the town of Anacortes. There are plenty of great restaurants and shops to check out, as well as a number of parks and hiking trails. Or, you can simply relax at the marina and take in the beautiful surroundings.

Overall, watching the sunrise from a Washington State Ferry in Rosario Strait is an experience you won’t want to miss. It’s a great way to start your day and see a side of Washington state that most people never get to see. So why not give it a try and see for yourself? You won’t be disappointed.

Obligatory Sales Pitch

The photo at the head of this post, Sunrise  in the San Juans, is available through my Etsy Shop, Light into Art.  The direct link to the photograph is here.  It is available in a wide variety of sizes, from 8×10 inch to 40×90.  The smaller sizes come on glossy photographic paper and are suitable for framing.  The larger sizes are on stretched canvas and the largest come in the form of three panels of each size.  The 40×90, for instance, comes as three 40×30 inch panels which hang in a row above your couch or in your office reception area.  And if you care to read more about our trip to San Juan County, here’s the link to that earlier post.