More’s Creek

More's Creek
More’s Creek

More’s Creek, Ada and Boise Counties, Idaho

This photograph shows More’s Creek (also known as Moore’s Creek), a prinicpal tributary of the Boise River. With its source high in the Sawtooth Mountains, it flows in a southwesterly direction, reaching its confluence with the Boise River just a few miles northeast of Idaho’s capital city. For most of its length, the river flows alongside Idaho State Highway 21, the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway. This photograph, taken April 23rd, 2016, shows the river looking downstream from the Highway 21 bridge, with the Danskin Mountains visible in the background.

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More’s Creek History

The creek bears the name of pioneer Idaho miner J. Marion More, the founder of Idaho City. Idaho Historic Marker 318 says “Like most of Idaho’s early miners, he came originally from the South. Unlike most of them, he struck it rich. During the Idaho gold rush, he had profitable investments in many important mining camps. Hardly anyone else did as much to build Idaho during the early days.”

Idaho Highway 21 is a beautiful drive. Fair warning: it is a two-lane mountain road, with all that implies.  At 130.9 miles in length, the highway connects Boise in the south with Stanley in the north.  Portions of the highway may be closed in the winter.  When I drove it in late April, 2016, the road was clear, but I found heavy snow at Banner Summit, the 7200 foot pass where Boise and Custer Counties meet.  The video below shows a few photographs I took along Highway 21.

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More's Creek as a 40 x 90 inch 3-panel display above a white couch
40 x 90 inch 3-panel wall hanging