Guadalupe County Courthouse

Guadalupe County Courthouse
The Guadalupe County, New Mexico, Courthouse (1909)

Best Laid Plans

I hadn’t planned on stopping in Santa Rosa, New Mexico.  Nor had I suspected I’d find anything as photogenic as the 1909 Guadalupe County Courthouse. On my third day of a week-long photoshoot around the Southwest, I had hoped to get to Tucumcari, or even Amarillo.  That morning, I had started with an excellent breakfast in Moab, Utah, then driven south to Monticello, and west into Colorado, with the goal of stopping at Four Corners. 

From that place where four states meet, I drove on across northeastern Arizona and into New Mexico, stopping for photos of Shiprock and the Sandoval County Courthouse before having supper at a New Mexican restaurant in Albuquerque.  While I ate, the rain started falling.  By the time I was on Interstate 40, heading east, the rain had turned to a deluge.

A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall

It’s roughly 110 miles from Albuquerque to Santa Rosa, and the further east I drove, the slower the traffic.  I was driving 25 mph on the Interstate and felt that was too fast for conditions.  With the Santa Rosa exit approaching, I decided it was a good time to get off the highway for the night.

A Morning Epiphany

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A selection of wall art sizes

The rain stopped during the night, and the next morning, finding myself in a County Seat, I just had to find the Courthouse.  One of my favorite photographic subjects, county courthouses come in all shapes and styles.  What I found early in the morning of September 2nd was a large red sandstone building, with a constuction date of 1909.  There is a newer building attached to the side of the older structure, but it wasn’t nearly as photogenic, at least in my opinion.

All told, I’m glad I spent the night in Santa Rosa, if only so I could grab this image. The video below shows you some of my photos from this trip across New Mexico, including me standing on the four corners, Shiprock, and the Sandoval County Judicial Complex in Bernalillo, New Mexico.

Scenes taken in New Mexico

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2 Comments on “Guadalupe County Courthouse

  1. I enjoyed reading about the authors adventure of staying in Santa Rosa. I looked up the history of this courthouse and discovered the 1st courthouse is located in Puerto de Luna and due to the Northeastern and El Paso railroad, the county seat was moved to Santa Rosa and the remains of the first courthouse remain in Puerto de Luna . The photographer captured the architectural design and historical beauty of this courthouse.

    • Thank you, Vikki. Yes, Puerto de Luna which is roughly ten miles south of Santa Rosa was the original county seat. Supposedly, Coronado named the community when he say the location under the light of the moon while he was searching for the cities of gold. Sounds like I need to visit it myself, when I have more time to spend in New Mexico.