The Long Beach Peninsula

As some of my readers know, I’m working on a coffee table book titled Evergreen: A Photographic Portrait of Washington’s Thirty-Nine Counties. I’ve put the project on hold due to present circumstances, but I can still dream, right? The coffee …

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Burns Tower, University of the Pacific Campus

We moved to Stockton, California at the end of the fifties.. At that time, thousands of people were moving into Califoria each day. Think about that: each day the state’s population increased by over a thousand people. (California jumped from …

Stockton, California at the end of the fifties. Read more »

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Momma, Dinah and Me on the Rimrocks near Billings, Montana.

Dinah, the Ur-MinPin When I was just a wee thing myself, my parents decided that every boy needed a dog. Could it be they thought that living with an infant and living with a puppy would work out? They had …

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I read, a lot. Anyone looking at my 2020 Reading List can see that. Twenty-five books on the fun side and five more on the Educational side. Most of the “Fun” books are froth. When I was a child, I’d …

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315 N. Montana Street

In June, 1954, Poppa became the pastor at Mountain View Methodist Church in Butte, Montana. This was the summer before I turned five in October. The circumstances surrounding our move to Butte were sketchy at best, and in many ways …

Butte, Montana — 315 N. Montana St. Read more »

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