Battery Point Light, Crescent City

A View of the Battery Point Lighthouse, Crescent City, California
The Battery Point Light,
Crescent City, California

A Personal Intoduction

Although born in Montana, I grew up in California, mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area. There I attended junior high, high school, college and grad school.  I lived at home through my master’s degree, avoiding the costly student loans that cripple so many young people financially.  The year after I was awarded the M.A., my parents pulled the nest out from under me.  They moved 350 miles north to the northernmost town in the state, Smith River.  I moved into an apartment in Berkeley and have lived on my own ever since. While visiting my parents, I learned of the Battery Point Lighthouse.

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Battery Point Light

Smith River is in Del Norte County, fifteen miles north of the county seat, Crescent City.  Crescent City sits on Pelican Bay and is California’s premier crabbing port.  It also serves as home to two lighthouses: the St George Reef light which sits seven miles offshore, best approached by helicopter; and the Battery Point Light.  The latter dates from 1857, one of the original lighthouses built on the California coast.  It sits on a tidal island, just a few blocks from downtown Crescent City and at low tide, visitors can walk to the lighthouse and museum.  Beware of sneaker tides, though.  They can leave you stranded on the island.  This view is from the north, looking across Pelican Bay at the back side of the light.  To take the photo, I stood in the memorial cemetery for the victims of the Brother Jonathan shipwreck. 

Although I first drove through Del Norte County in 1972, it wasn’t till my parents moved there that I began spending a lot of time in California’s northwestern corner. To date I’ve taken almost 3,000 photos in the County. The video below shares just a few of those images. If any of them interest you as wall art, just let me know with a comment. Also, I wrote about marketing my photography in an earlier post. You can read it here.